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Respectful treatment of nature and gentle aging of our wines


The passion for wine, the connection with Rheinhessen and the love for nature – these are our connecting elements. That’s why we, Lisa and Bastian, founded the Lisa Bunn Winery in the heart of Rheinhessen in 2013 and have been making wines together ever since. We place particular emphasis on respectful treatment of nature and the gentle aging of our wines. Thus, in our historic cellar in Wintersheim, wines are created that are characterized by the multifaceted terroirs of our region.

Only together can we master the challenges that nature has in store for us


We taste, discuss and exchange ideas, and we always make important decisions together. Because only together can we master the challenges that nature has in store for us and that make winemaking as exciting as it is thrilling. We are always supported by our strong team, which has been with us for years.
In the cellar we work hand in hand, in the vineyard we share the tasks. Bastian is in charge of plant protection and soil cultivation. So while you’ll find him mostly on the tractor, I, Lisa, am mostly on foot between the rows. I take care of all the manual work and always have an eye on quality.

Oelberg, Orbel and Hipping – without a doubt, the most exciting terroirs of Rheinhessen


By merging our two parental farms, we now cultivate an area of around 21 hectares of vines, stretching from Roten Hang in the north to Wintersheim in the south of Rheinhessen.

A fortunate coincidence, we think, because it allows us to draw on a wide range of different sites, soils and terroirs and to choose exactly the right site for each variety.

Thus, our Rieslings grow primarily in Nierstein on the Rote Hang, more precisely in the Oelberg, Orbel and Hipping sites. Without a doubt, these are some of the most exciting terroirs in Rheinhessen. The warm microclimate and the many hours of sunshine in the steep slopes give our grapes a terrific ripeness. The porous, red clay slate soil creates the perfect balance through an exciting acidity, minerality and saltiness.

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